Who are E&A?

Emily is a guitar picking, hug giving, volleyball spiking, star gazing, book worming, tree climbing, science experimenting, and happy dancing kind of gal.

Andrew is a banjo frailing, high fiving, basketball shooting, question asking, podcast consuming, bike commuting, food loving, condiment tasting kind of guy.

We are a world traveling, loud singing, tea drinking, connection seeking, life experiencing, story sharing, community building kind of couple who jumped at the chance to serve in the Peace Corps.

You are a part of our stories as well.  We invite you to share your thoughts, comments, ideas, questions, and experiences as often as you would like.

Why we write May We Suggest?


May we suggest that life is beautiful. May we suggest that life is hard. May we suggest that life is worth living, that there is more to embrace, that love and light are actually all around. May we suggest that this moment, whoever and wherever you are in life, is the best part of your life.


6 thoughts on “Who are E&A?”

  1. Hey u two thanks for everything loved the words and hugs ur shared with us at our flow weekend.

    Kyrie absolutely loved u Andrew 😉
    Look forward to seeing u two again!!


    1. Awe, thanks Meg! I absolutely love Kyrie, too. What a cute little bundle of joy!! We are definitely holding her up in our hearts and thoughts this week.

    1. I’m so glad you found it, Nicole! I hope you enjoy our stories and writing as much as I still enjoy reading yours on your blogs. Take care of yourself.

  2. Andrew and Emily…
    I just visited your blog for the first time and I must say, I will definitly keep following you two in your travels! You two are such a unique couple and I wish I had gotten to spend more time getting to know you while you were at the house with David.
    Hopefully when you come back I will be able to visit and get to know you better!

    1. Awe, thanks Sarah! We definitely echo your sentiments, and would love to reconnect if/when we pass through the Denver area in the future. Thank you for you kind words and for leaving us a comment!

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