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Nilsen Sibling Adventures


We love having family visit; not only do we get to spend time with loved ones, but sharing Nicaragua’s beauty, culture, adventures and customs with them is one of the best parts of being a PCV.  This past week we’ve had the privilege of hosting Andrew’s siblings.  From canoeing and jungle camping on the Rio San Juan, traveling on the public bus system, and eating all sorts of yummy foods, this visit was full of adventures and familia love.


5 Tuani Years

Today marks 5 incredible years of marriage.  We feel so lucky to be serving in the Peace Corps with our life partner and still think Two is Twice as Tuani.  May the next 5 years bring us even more wonder, growth, understanding, and adventure.

Surprise Trip Home!

We wanted to share in our joy that was a surprise visit back to the states.  We returned to Oregon after 22 months of our Peace Corps service, and our family wasn’t expecting us to return until our service was fully completed. Mamma Nilsen and Andrew have birthdays one week apart, so while our official reason to take a short trip home was to take the GRE, we couldn’t pass up surprising family in the process. What fun!

**It totally sounds like Andrew says he’s turning 20. It was actually his 28th birthday. He might have been excited.  😉

Photo Galleries

Photo Galleries
Visually explore our service and Nicaraguan culture

Cigar Tour with Adopted Family

cigar tour

The family members of a  fellow Peace Corps Volunteer, Davita, are visiting her here in Nicaragua.  Being from Portland, we knew they had to be cool, but they exceeded expectations!  We spent this morning with them touring one of the world renowned cigar factories in Estelí: Perdomo.  The tour was fascinating and we love seeing and hearing about Nicaraguan travel and life through fresh eyes.  Can’t wait to see you all again in the 503!

From the Eyes of the Old Tiger

This is a guest post by Andrew’s father, Erik, from when he visited us in January 2016.

In his January Dicho Blog entry Andrew shared with us:

Hijo de tigre nace rayado – The son of the tiger is born striped.

In his comments he mentioned the joy of seeing their service through the new eyes of Carla and I as they introduced us to the natural beauty of Nica and the wonderful human nature of the Pinoleros whom have taken them in as family and friends. I want to share the viewpoint from the eyes of this old tiger as I reflect on our experience. Continue reading From the Eyes of the Old Tiger