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Peace Corps and the Cultural Blogging Community

One reason we currently write May We Suggest is to work towards the Peace Corps’ third goal: to help promote a better understanding of other peoples (in our case, Nicaraguans) on the part of Americans. We want to share our experiences and a bit of the Nicaraguan world with as many as possible state side and beyond.

And while we think our blog is pretty sweet, we are obviously not the holders of all knowledge.  There are un montón of other blogs out there that deserve to be read.

This post aims to share some of the networks of bloggers we’ve developed over our time in Peace Corps.  Whether you’re looking for country specific information, what to pack, cultural insights, travel tips and routes, general information on Peace Corps, or just good stories, we hope these lists are helpful, inspiring, and insightful. Continue reading Peace Corps and the Cultural Blogging Community


Why Peace Corps Blogging is Meaningful Work

August 2015 Guidepost to Wholehearted Living
Cultivating Meaningful Work: Letting Go of Self-Doubt and “Supposed To”

As countries around the world seek to advance and connect, Peace Corps Volunteers of the 21st century have access to technology that their predecessors never dreamed of.   But with the power of access comes great responsibility; the Peace Corps Blog was born. Volunteers often start blogging strong. Their excitement fuels updates, committing cultural faux pas provide easy and hilarious content, and everything seems so new…for a while.

Then an incredible transition happens. Through integration, gaining cultural understanding, and the simple passing of time, a PCV’s host country becomes a little more like home. Volunteers might say later that this is when they really started to feel like they hit their stride, but it is also often where their blogging faded away. It doesn’t have to be though.

Keeping a Peace Corps Blog can be meaningful and worthwhile work. Even if it hasn’t been updated in what you feel is too long, here are six reasons to find some Internet, get yourself a cup of tea (or mate, or kava, or airag, or) , and give blogging another go: Continue reading Why Peace Corps Blogging is Meaningful Work

Our Peace Corps Stories and Experiences

It’s the start of a new year, and I’ve been doing some virtual cleaning/organizing. While some of you have been with us for a while, others may be trying to get a glimpse of our Peace Corps service as a whole. As we already have so many stories and tidbits on here, it can be a bit tricky to go digging in our archives. But have no fear! A new year and a few new pages are here!

The following pages (located under the “Peace Corps” menu drop-down above) chunk our years in Nicaragua into smaller time-frames and highlight about 5 posts that embody that particular part of our service. Peruse at your leisure:

Preparation and Departure
March – August 2014
Deciding to leave your jobs, life, family, and friends is a big decision and actually takes a lot of work.

Pre-Service Training
August – November 2014
Peace Corps gave us 3 months of intensive, in-country language, technical, and cultural training before we were allowed to officially swear in as Peace Corps Volunteers.

Integration (the first 3 months at site)
November 2014 – February 2015
While integration work is something that lasts during all of service, the first couple months at site have their own set of challenges and rewards.