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5 Tuani Years

Today marks 5 incredible years of marriage.  We feel so lucky to be serving in the Peace Corps with our life partner and still think Two is Twice as Tuani.  May the next 5 years bring us even more wonder, growth, understanding, and adventure.


Why Blog?

Like many newly married couples in the 21st century we have an array of media from our wedding online. We have the professional photographers’ photos, digital albums from family and friends, and shakily shot smart phone videos. We even felt like celebrities on Facebook for a bit. As would be expected, after a couple of weeks our Facebook notification barrage & social media fame tapered off. Other than one video.

With over 6000 views on YouTube at the time of launching this blog in 2014 – and for people who don’t run their own channel and only dabble casually in the social media world, that’s a lot of views– it has continued to make the rounds on the web over the years.  The video is of our wedding party surprising Andrew and singing “May I Suggest” by Susan Werner. Emily arranged it all in secret, as her wedding gift to Andrew.

Almost 5 years later it’s still an incredibly powerful, beautiful, and defining moment for us. Continue reading Why Blog?

TEFL Teaching Timeline

Andrew's Timeline

What an awesome life, not to mention a great way to review the past tenses with 10th graders.  Another area in which we work with our counterparts is that of developing materials.  We’re constantly trying to use interactive materials and make examples for our counterparts to use in the future.  After teaching / reviewing the past tense with the class, students worked on their own, applying the grammatical knowledge to a variety of verbs and experiences. It’s such a fun way to learn about our students, too!

Two is Twice as Tuani

Like any applicant and wanna-be Peace Corps Volunteer, hours were spent scouring the Internet and talking with any RPCV to gather information and get a glimpse into what was to come. We were looking for something a little different though: for information about serving as a couple.

There wasn’t much to be found and the little official information we did find wasn’t too cheery. At the time, only 7% of PCVs were married couples and according to our Peace Corps recruiter, they were the most likely to quit service early. Even the application and initial interview blatantly stated there were specific challenges that we would have to overcome. With all of these considerations in mind, we continued through the application process, drawn by the opportunity to adventure together, to add to our treasure trove of shared memories, to learn a new language, and to take advantage of the end of our twenties before children, grad school, and a mortgage.

As we celebrate our four-year wedding anniversary and 10 months of living in Nicaragua, we thought we’d share why serving as a Peace Corps couple is super tuani (Nicaraguan equivalent of cool/awesome). Continue reading Two is Twice as Tuani

Our Budgeting Rocks Thanks to Coach Brown

Envelope system

With taxes due right around the corner, we thought we give a shout out to Coach Brown Financial Planning.  Coach Brown helped us start our married financial lives on the same page.  Our budgeting skills sure are helpful here in Nicaragua, where we’re living off of $300 monthly salaries!  If you would like to get a better handle on your financial well being, we highly recommend Coach Brown.

12 Days of [Nilsen] Christmas

Not gonna lie…the holiday season has been a little rough.  It’s a time of year for family and traditions.  We had the privilege of spending Thanksgiving with our American boss which means that while we were missing family a bit, we were distracted and well taken care of with all the traditional foods and comforts of a good ole ‘Mmerican holiday.  For Christmas though, we’re on our own.

So we tried watching Christmas movies.  And they helped a little.  And we Skyped family and friends from home.  It’s so good to connect with loved ones, but it has that double effect of making us miss them, too.  We were still just wanting a little something to help us get into the Christmas spirit.

Then Andrew had a brilliant idea – Continue reading 12 Days of [Nilsen] Christmas