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May We Aprovechar Peace Corps

In May 2014, we used the ideas of May Day to start a new tradition in our family: setting intentions for the following year together. Just as May Day has been a celebration of spring and new life growing, we wanted to plant the seeds of our intentions with the hope that they would grow over the year to come. And grow they did!

In May 2015, we began reflecting on those intentions, taking a deeper look at our journey into the Peace Corps, Pre-Service Training, our first few months at site and into our first year.  It took a bit longer than we anticipated to reflect on those first five intentions, and we set our “May Day Intentions” a little late (in August) last year.  We chose to focus them on the rest of our Peace Corps service.

Thus, to celebrate May Day this year, we are echoing these intentions and for duration of our time left in Peace Corps Nicaragua:

May we seek to empower others so that our service means more than 27 months.

May we continue to set healthy expectations for ourselves.

May we embrace the present as our time here is limited.

May we be as intentional in our relationships as we are in our to do lists.

May we realize that our Peace Corps Experience is what we make of it.

We’d love to hear from you, too.  What intentions do you have (or want to set) for yourself?


May We Strive to Be Present in the Midst of Transitions

As Andrew and I are taking this month to reflect on our last year and the intentions we set in May of 2014 when we were just beginning our journey towards being Peace Corps Volunteers. This first intention has both served us well, but also proven to be difficult at times to adhere to. Over the past year, we’ve had a lot of transitions. We left our jobs, our homes, our friends, our families. We moved to a foreign place, were at least I didn’t speak the language (and Andrew was a little rusty). It felt that we were in a place of constant transition from last May until perhaps a month or two ago. All of pre-service training, our first few months of integration, and the first weeks of school were times of change and challenge.

So how do you “be present” though any and all of that. What does that even mean? Continue reading May We Strive to Be Present in the Midst of Transitions