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On Currency and Culture: History Lessons in the Palms of our Hands

Upon arriving to a new country, one of the first experiences of culture is placed right in our hands – money.  You need to exchange it, need to know how much it is worth in comparison with your own currency, and need some time before it no longer feels like Monopoly money.  What we sometimes miss as guests in a foreign land is the importance of what is on that currency.  The images and symbols chosen to represent a culture and people say a lot about the values and history of the country itself.

Over our time here, we’ve learned a bit more about the symbols and historic places on Nicaraguan currency.  And if you will permit us to be a little nerdy, a few history lessons are in store for you, dear readers.  Each of these colorful and beautiful bills has a story (or two) to tell.

Exchange rates

When we arrived in Nicaragua  (August 13, 2014):

  • 1 Córdoba = 0.0386 US Dollars
  • 26.015 Córdobas = 1 US Dollar

When this post was originally written (May 21, 2015):

  • 1 Córdoba = 0.0369 US Dollars
  • 27.133 Córdobas = 1 US Dollar

Now-ish (as of April 10, 2017):

  • 1 Córdoba = 0.03 US Dollars
  • 29.72 Córdobas = 1 US Dollar

Symbols and Places on the Nicaraguan Córdoba:

With the time we have left in our service we hope to visit and/or learn about each of the places on the bills and share their stories with you.