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#Home in Your Host Country – Photo Challenge

June’s Photo Challenge from Blogging Abroad is all about what makes a home away from home.  May these photos give you a glimpse into how and why Nicaragua is now one of our homes and a part of our hearts.


Blogging Abroad Photo Challenge:
#Home in Your Host Country

Blogging Abroad photo challenge

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In Joy and Pain


This week was difficult for us and the teachers of Estelí; a beloved and hardworking district employee, and dear friend of ours, suddenly passed away.  Between attending the wake and funeral services, we were exhausted and knew the teachers were, too, so in efforts to be culturally sensitive, we canceled our Wednesday conversation group.

Almost immediately after sending the cancellation text, our phones rang off the hook!  One of my counterparts, Regina, got in touch with me and said, “You can’t cancel tonight!  We have a late-birthday surprise planned for Andrew.  We don’t care if we don’t formally have class, but you still have to come.”  So we resent the message, saying we’d have an informal class, for anyone who just wanted to come and be together.

Regina had cooked an entire, delicious Nicaraguan meal in honor of Andrew.  As she says, “he loves all the foods!”  Even in the midst of pain and loss, perhaps especially during these times, our friends have shown incredible care, affection, and love for us.  I hope we can learn from and carry their example with us for years to come.

A Puddle Sweep on the Roof

puddle sweeping

We’re back in Nicaragua and so is the rain! Chimney sweepers aren’t so common here (nor are chimneys for that matter), but now that the dry season has thankfully past we do need to puddle sweep our roof frequently.  If we allow stagnant water to build up, not only do the leaks in our bedroom increase, but it’s the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos.  Andrew sure doesn’t want Chikunguyna, so he’ll try to improve his luck and sweep away.

Best Surprise of My Life

image (1)

What’s better than your mom and pops coming to visit during your Peace Corps service?  Surprising you at the airport with all of your siblings who you thought couldn’t come!  I might have fallen down to the floor in excitement, then got back up to jump up and down. My eyes might have been leaking, too.

Home is where your family is.

Nuestra Casita

As much as we love traveling, I’m also a huge fan of nesting.  I enjoy having a place to call my own from which I can then explore the wonders of wherever we live.  During training we stayed in the houses of our host families, and now here in Estelí we have a little casita to ourselves in the backyard of a yet another wonderful host family.  Continue reading Nuestra Casita