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Volcán Telica: A Science Teacher’s Dream

April 2015 Guidepost to Wholehearted Living
Cultivating Play and Rest: Letting Go of Exhaustion as a Status Symbol and Productivity as Self-Worth

When Andrew and I received our invitation to serve in Nicaragua in March of 2014, I was teaching Science and ELA at Molalla River Academy. As my science classes were studying plate tectonics, volcanoes, earthquakes, and Nicaragua is the “land of lakes and volcanoes, it was a perfect fit. Using the amazing resources on the Internet to see real time data from Nicaragua, my science classes in Molalla, OR studied the series of earthquakes that shook the region last spring as well as the chain of 13+ volcanoes and volcanic complexes that run along the western edge of the country.

While it may not exactly sound like rest, as it was really hard, this past week during Semana Santa, we took the week off to cultivate some play and travel into our lives.  The first weekend of the break, we had the opportunity to hike one of Nicaragua’s stratovolcanoes, Volcán Telica. Continue reading Volcán Telica: A Science Teacher’s Dream