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Read Aloud – Spanish Edition

Read Aloud BookThanks to the Multnomah County Library (and our impending end of service language evaluation), we’ve started a new tradition: reading aloud in Spanish.  It’s the perfect thing to pass the time while one of us (Andrew) is cooking, and or the other (Emily) is doing dishes.  We can already tell our pronunciation is improving!


Last Graduation

graduationpicLeft: Where we tried to sit.
Right: Our view from where we actually sat.

Our colleagues did not approve of our seating choice, and invited us up to the front as special guests.  We’re gonna miss this country.

Nica 66!


I (Andrew) have had the privilege of being a volunteer greeter at the orientation for the brand new Nicaragua Peace Corps group. Guys, the new group of Peace Corps trainees has been in country for three days, and here is their first ever attempt at the Nica face (the no-smile look that most Nicaraguans over 50 use for photos). 100% success! They are naturals! I believe this is a great reflection of their natural skills and abilities that they’ll demonstrate through training and beyond. I’ve got high hopes, expectations, and praise for you all! You’re going to be great 🙂

Foto Fridays – A Visual Catalog of our PC Service

As it’s impossible to write and blog about everything we’re doing here in Nica, we invite you to explore our Peace Corps experience using your own eyes.  Every Friday, we’ll post a foto and a short caption to highlight one aspect of our lives as Peace Corps Volunteers.