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Cowboy Country


Estelí ain’t no one horse town.


#MyTown – Photo Challenge

September’s Photo Challenge from Blogging Abroad helped us focus in our our town – Estelí, Estelí.  While our other photos are from all around Nicaragua, this challenge was completed just with pictures from our site. May these photos give you a glimpse into the beauty, complexity, and wonder that is Estelí.


Blogging Abroad Photo Challenge:

Blogging Abroad photo challenge

Digital ambassadors promoting cross-cultural exchange.


Hosting Practicum Week for TEFL68


Hosting 12 of the amazing TFL trainees here in Esteli this past week has been a true highlight of our service. We feel so inspired by their enthusiasm and positivity, their professionalism and go-getter attitudes, and their willingness to learn about Nicaraguan culture and people we hold so dear. Best of luck on your last few weeks of training, Nica68!

The Power of Compliments


I love food.  I love cooking it, eating it, thinking about it, talking about it, everything.  As a cook, I also know how good it feels to have someone expound on the scrumptiousness of my creations. Therefore, I have no shame in showering praise on people that make my barriga llena y corazón contento.  I’ve successfully wooed the lady that prepares our lunches for STEP.  She often writes my name on the boxed lunch destined for me, and I’ll be treated to a special surprise (an extra piece of chicken, an extra portion, a special side, etc.).  Sometimes I get really lucky, and when she’s cooking up special dishes during the week, she drops a serving off at our house.  This beauty is a baho she made last Friday.  SOOO GOOD!!!!

#Food in Your Host Country – Photo Challenge

I may have had to mad dash to finish Blogging Abroad‘s August Photo Challenge on time, but I made it!  We participate in the monthly challenge in efforts to take more pictures and to work towards Peace Corps 3rd goal: sharing a bit of Nicaraguan culture with you.

May these photos make you hungry and help you realize that even if we eat differently, we eat well.

Blogging Abroad Photo Challenge:
#Food in Your Host Country

Blogging Abroad photo challenge

Digital ambassadors promoting cross-cultural exchange.


Miraflor VAC Meeting


Twice a year, Peace Corps has VAC (Volunteer Advisory Counsel) meetings.  They used to be the way information got to volunteers, before cell phones and internet reached even the most rural of areas.  Now, they’re a great reason to get the volunteers of a region together to get in-person updates and just spend some needed time together.  For our VAC meeting last weekend, the Estelí volunteers went up in the mountains of the Miraflor reserve, enjoyed the cool air, rain, and the company of good friends.  Can you spot the never-cold Norwegian?  [photo cred to David Schmidt / Khalan Boyer]

#Community – Photo Challenge

July’s Photo Challenge from Blogging Abroad is all about community. May these photos give you a glimpse into the amazing and varied communities with which we work and interact.

#CutulreShock VideoCrawled out of bed almost two hours after crawling in to record this gem at 10:45pm on a week night. It’s sure hard to sleep when a band plays for an hour right outside your open-air house, but it’s moments like this that remind me that it’s important to know how others live, what makes them tick, and what matters to their hearts. That’s ultimately why I’m a #peacecorpsvolunteer. When we don’t understand, may we respond with curiosity and questions instead of fear and frustration. May we listen, may we engage, may we learn. #peacecorpsnicaragua #peacecorps #cultureshock #community #bloggingabroad #BAphotochallenge #howiseepc

Blogging Abroad Photo Challenge:
#Community in Your Host Country

Blogging Abroad photo challenge

Digital ambassadors promoting cross-cultural exchange.