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Hosting Practicum Week for TEFL68


Hosting 12 of the amazing TFL trainees here in Esteli this past week has been a true highlight of our service. We feel so inspired by their enthusiasm and positivity, their professionalism and go-getter attitudes, and their willingness to learn about Nicaraguan culture and people we hold so dear. Best of luck on your last few weeks of training, Nica68!


Small but Mighty – The History of the 10 Córdoba Bill

This is a post in our series On Culture and Currency: History Lessons in the Palms of our Hands.

While Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America, it is barely half the size of Oregon, my home state.  My concept of country size has been challenged many times, including when I unknowingly befriended the godson of the Vice President of Nicaragua. What Nicaragua lacks in geographical presence it makes up for in a plucky, underdog spirit that is woven into its historical narrative.  Two such examples are displayed on the (fittingly) smallest bill: 10 Córdobas. Continue reading Small but Mighty – The History of the 10 Córdoba Bill

Camp GLOW 2016 Video

With a Spanish version of “Fight Song” as our anthem, workshops about sharing power in relationships, goal setting, HIV/Aids and pregnancy prevention, and redefining ideas of beauty, all combined with the magic power of camp songs, games and fun, this week was the week of a lifetime.  Enjoy the smiles and joy that is women’s empowerment. Via GAD Nicaragua 

The Woman Who Is Changing My Life


March 8th was International Women’s Day (IWD).  I had the privilege of participating in an IWD event through Peace Corps World Wise Schools program: a webinar titled “The Woman Who Is Changing My Life.”  For the webinar, PCVs in a couple invited countries brought along a female community member who is changing the lives of those around her, including our own.  I invited my counterpart Ana Cecilia to participate in the event, as she is a constant inspiration for me.  A passionate and powerful teacher and woman, Ana Cecilia believes that education is one of the keys to the future of Nicaragua.  Her drive to improve her English and her teaching make my time here worth every second.

During the webinar, we spoke with a group of middle school students in South Carolina about issues related to women, education, and how to make a difference.  Ana Cecilia was able to participate directly, without my need to translate, and gave some wonderful insights into the world of Nicaragua.  I feel exceptionally lucky to be working with her.

Is there a woman who is changing your life?  We’d love to hear about her in the comments below.  Happy International Women’s Day!

Before & After


December 2nd has come and gone, thus we give to you the before and after of our St. Baldrick’s event.  Thanks to any and all who helped us meet our fundraising goal of $5000!  Additionally, lots of hair is headed to WigsforKids.  Emily alone donated over 25 inches of hair!  The event was a huge success, most importantly honoring Corey’s dad and many other brave loved ones who’ve lost their battle with cancer.  Here’s to dreaming big, remembering and celebrating the bright lives of dear ones, and to proving to the world that bald is definitely beautiful!

Wholehearted Living – The Journey in Review

A year ago today on my 27th birthday, I had a desire to live more wholeheartedly. Every month we selected one of Brené Brown‘s Guideposts for Wholehearted Living as a lens through which to see our adventures and encounters here in Peace Corps Nicaragua.  I centered myself in what our blog is all about: embracing that life is beautiful, hard, and worth living, that love and light are actually all around, that this moment, whoever and wherever you are in life, is the best part of your life.

Living into these Guideposts was rarely easy.  They always sounded so pretty, so simple.  Forget about what others think? Awesome! Cultivate authenticity, creativity, or laughter?  Sign me up! But when it came down to it, to actually walk the walk was more challenging than I anticipated. Continue reading Wholehearted Living – The Journey in Review


#BaldisBeautiful and on December 2, 2015, I’m joining Andrew, Corey, Traci, and Tomas in shaving my head at our TEAM NICARAGUA St. Baldricks event.

If you want to know more about why I’m doing something so crazy while I’m serving in Nicaragua as a Peace Corps Volunteer, read about why I decided to shave my head here. But if you know the reasons and you want to help support from afar, we are in dire need of your help!

TEAM NICARAGUA has a goal of reaching $5,000 before our shave/donate date on December 2nd.  The money goes towards finding a cure for childhood cancer.  Every donation reinforces the belief that #baldisbeautiful.  

Together, we can work towards a cure.

Visit Team Nicaragua’s donation page and help make our event a success.