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May We Suggest a [blog] makeover

Good morning all!  As I write this the rain has been picking up speed and we can feel a slight chill in the air.  The sound and the cold make it a perfect time to share a mate with the family.  And if you know mate, then you might be able to guess that I’m writing  to you from Monte Caseros, Argentina.

Our post Peace Corps travels so far have been amazing!  We’ve shared, eaten, explored, questioned, and lived as deep into the experience of each day as we could.  And because of this (and not knowing when we would next have consistent Internet) we’ve been a bit absent on here.

This blog was such an important part of our Peace Corps experience and we want to keep it alive. But, as we rang the bell on March 1st, it cannot exist as it did and needs to change along with us as we transition out of Peace Corps and on to our next phases of life.

One change we are making is to our domain name – to the link you use to find us.  We never loved the .org at the end of our url, but it was all that was available at the time.  This post is to inform you of three main things:

  1. Starting tomorrow, April 9th, the URL of this blog will change from http://www.maywesuggest.org to http://www.maywesuggest.blog – check your settings to make sure you’re still following us!
  2. It may take us a couple more weeks/months to figure out exactly how we want to transition this blog.  In the near future, we’re hoping to write more detailed posts about our travels, about our transition out of Peace Corps, and out transition back to the United States.
  3. We are still alive!  If you want to follow our travels more instantly, check out our May We Suggest Facebook page and the album titled “Post Peace Corps Travels” or my Instagram @eallennilsen with the hastag #postpctravels.

We feel so thankful for the opportunity to connect with friends and family during our travels and this transition.  Adventure is out there.  And we’re finding it.


PCV Spotlight: Alba on Lessons Learned & Gender Equality

This is a guest post by Alba in our PCV Spotlight Series:

I am woman, hear me

My name is Alba and I am currently serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer leader in the TEFL program. I have been in country since September 2012 and living in the mountainous Madriz region since November 2012. Although my primary project has always been working with English teachers in the high school, my time in Nicaragua has also helped me develop my strong passion for gender equality, with a focus on girls’ empowerment and reproductive health education. As I prepare to close my service at the end of this May, I’m taking some time to reflect on lessons Nicaragua has taught and continues to teach me. The second contribution to my “Lessons Learning” series focuses on what it means to be a woman here. If you like it, check out the first post in the series: Breathe.

Today I was leaving school with the girls after dance class and a group of 4 young boys sitting on the side of the court decided it was appropriate to whistle at us as we passed. I told the girls to keep walking and went over to say something to them, explaining that I am a teacher, that their response was inappropriate and I expected them not to do it again. They said they understood, but when I left they called out “¡Adios guapa!” (Good-bye beautiful!) in that most cowardly way that most of my catcalls are thrown at me: to my back. Continue reading PCV Spotlight: Alba on Lessons Learned & Gender Equality