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12 Days of [Nilsen] Christmas 2016

Two years ago, we began a tradition in our family that would allow us to celebrate the holiday season no matter where in the world we found ourselves.  After 2014 and 2015, we figured we were getting the hang of this 12 Days of celebration and fun, but this year Nicaragua threw us a curve ball.  ACCESS Camp (the annual intensive English camp we’ve helped with the past two years) dates were changed from January to right before Christmas, so we had to be creative.  Nevertheless, our 12 Days were spent remembering to celebrate the small things, to be thankful for what we have, and to invite spontaneous joy into our lives.

The 12 Days of [Nilsen] Christmas 2016

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12 Days of [Nilsen] Christmas 2015

Last year, Andrew had a brilliant idea for lifting our spirits during the holiday season.  We had just arrived to site and were at the beginning of our Peace Corps service. This meant that we could not have visitors nor visit the states.  To dive deeper into local celebrations, fight off feeling homesick, as well as start our own family tradition, the 12 Days of [Nilsen] Christmas  were born!

Each year, we re-write the classic song to include things we could find and explore during the holidays, wherever we are in the world. This year, we shared our tradition with my dad and step-mom as they visited us for a week here in Nicaragua.

The 12 Days of [Nilsen] Christmas 2015

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12 Days of [Nilsen] Christmas

Not gonna lie…the holiday season has been a little rough.  It’s a time of year for family and traditions.  We had the privilege of spending Thanksgiving with our American boss which means that while we were missing family a bit, we were distracted and well taken care of with all the traditional foods and comforts of a good ole ‘Mmerican holiday.  For Christmas though, we’re on our own.

So we tried watching Christmas movies.  And they helped a little.  And we Skyped family and friends from home.  It’s so good to connect with loved ones, but it has that double effect of making us miss them, too.  We were still just wanting a little something to help us get into the Christmas spirit.

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