Integration (the first 3 months at site)

November 2014 – February 2015

While Integration work lasts throughout service, the first couple months at site have their own set of challenges and rewards.  This is partly because when we arrived to site in November, the school year was just ending.  As teachers, this meant we entered our city and went straight into the two months of “summer” vacation. While thankful for the time off, the 180 degree switch from the business of PST can be quite a doozy for new PCVs. We struggled with comparing ourselves to other volunteers, worrying that we’re not doing enough, and just trying to navigate our new home.  As with any move to a new city, things just take time.  Here are just a few of our endeavors to integrate during the first 3 months at site.

Want to see more like these?  Here are all of our post from the first 3 months at site, and we also be worked on (and wrote about) Integration throughout our time in Nicaragua.


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