1st Year

February 2015 – November 2015

Our service technically began in November of 2014, but this time category excludes our Integration period, (Nov. 14 – Jan. 15), as those first three months at site, while part of our first year, were a whole different ballgame.

Our first year in site was full of wonder and learning, ups and downs, laughs and new friends.  As with any move to a new place, it takes a while to settle in and feel like you’re at home.  Here are just a few of our favorite highlights from this incredible year in our lives:

  • May We Relfect – A series of posts about our initial intentions and fears about joining the Peace Corps, and how they actually played out this first year.  From the struggles/joys of co-teaching, to the realities of eating rice and beans every day, this series has it all.
  • Two is Twice as Tuani – Why we think it’s just incredible to be serving in the Peace Corps with our partner.
  • September Photo Challenge – The Peace Corps Nicaragua Photography Committee hosted a 30-day Photo Challenge and I think it’s safe to say we rocked it.

What an incredible adventure we are on!  What to see more from our 1st Year?  Click here.


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