Stories and Experiences

One reason we started writing May We Suggest was to work towards the Peace Corps’ third goal: to help promote a better understanding of other peoples (in our case, Nicaraguans) on the part of Americans.  We want to share our experiences and a bit of the Nicaraguan world with as many as possible state side and beyond.  Even with our service behind us and this blog now housing our personal musings, we hope it can still serve part of that original purpose.

The following pages chunk our years in Nicaragua into smaller time-frames and highlight a few posts that embody that particular part of our service and the cultural lessons we learned along the way:

Preparation and Departure
March – August 2014
Deciding to leave your jobs, life, family, and friends is a big decision and actually takes a lot of work.

Pre-Service Training
August – November 2014
Peace Corps gave us 3 months of intensive, in-country language, technical, and cultural training before we were allowed to officially swear in as Peace Corps Volunteers.

Integration (the first 3 months at site)
November 2014 – February 2015
While integration work is something that lasts during all of service, the first couple months at site have their own set of challenges and rewards.

Year 1
February 2015 – November 2015
The first three months of integration are a part of our first year, but our formal work began with the new school year in February.  We spent this year trying to get a handle on what it really means to be TEFL Teacher Trainers and learning every step of the way.

Year 2 
November 2015 – October 2016
After our first year under our belt, we were ready to dive in deep our second year and take our service to a whole new level.

October 2016 – March 2017
To better transition an important project, and because we weren’t ready to say goodbye after 27 months, we extended our service a few extra months.


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