(Snail) Mail Address

Thanks to all sent us something during our service.  We so appreciate it.  We’ve received mail/packages/notes from:

Portland, Oregon
Boston, Massachusetts
Portland, Maine
Lewiston, Maine
Laurence, Kansas
LCM Retreat in Samish Island, Washington
Camas, Washington
Whitehall, Montana
Mount Vernon, Illinois
Eugene, Oregon

How wonderful to be so loved.  🙂

***As we no longer live in Nicaragua, the rest of this page is archived just for memory’s sake.***

You’re welcome to use the Contact Us page on this website to get in touch with us, or you can always send us mail the snail-mail way. (Note: Technically only Emily’s name is on our box, but she’ll be nice and share. 😉

Emily Nilsen
Apartado 71
Esteli, Nicaragua
Central America

We greatly enjoy mail…However, we’ve also posted the following Peace Corps disclaimer below. 

Relative to service in most developing countries, mail between the United States and Nicaragua is dependable. Airmail takes about two weeks; surface mail can take months. Packages sometimes mysteriously disappear in transit, and sometimes they are opened and the contents stolen. It is best if packages do not exceed 2 pounds. Padded envelopes work well. Don’t have money, airline tickets, or other valuables sent to you through the mail. Sensitive items should be sent via an expedited—and insured—courier service such as DHL or UPS, but consider that some items are not allowed by DHL or UPS, such as liquids, credit cards, and money. You can consult with in-country staff on how to do this, if necessary.

It is usually not worth the effort to have large packages sent from the United States. Volunteers are responsible for paying customs fees on larger items, which may exceed the value of the items sent. Retrieving a package often means an entire day’s travel to Managua. There are modern supermarkets and other well-stocked stores in the capital that should supply all your needs, although luxury or gourmet items can be very costly.

Care Package Wish List

  • Notes or pictures – these are the best.  We really don’t need many “things.”  These little pieces of home are perfect.
  • Ear plugs
  • Yummy tea
  • Small snacks – granola bars are fantastic!  Andrew really likes the Nature Valley Dark Chocolate PB and Lara Bars
  • Other treats – really any type of food thing you send us will be awesome.  We’ll love the tastes of home!
  • Humanatones – google it  Thanks Mamma Nilsen
  • Amazon or iTunes gift cards
  • Suggestions of awesome books that you think we should read during our service (bonus points if the book is in Spanish & available on Kindle) 🙂

…and anything else you want to surprise us with!


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