Dicho Doce – Sayings on the 12th

For Peace Corps Volunteers, this whole integration thing can be tricky. However, Andrew discovered the perfect way to transform in the eyes of the Nicaraguan locals from random gringo to puro pinolero in the span of a few words: dichos.  Each language is full of dichos (sayings) or slang, and these of course vary by region, too.  Pacific Northwest readers, did you know that the word “spendy” is unique to our corner of the world?  That blew Andrew’s mind when Emily moved to Portland and pointed it out to him.

Point being, using idioms, slang, and sayings is a great way to fit in and seem more like a local.  They can be especially tricky in a new language, as they often have figurative meaning and don’t always translate well.  Therefore Dicho Doce (Sayings on the Twelfth – sounds better in Spanish, right?), is a collection the many dichos that we’ve come to use and love.

To see all Dicho Doce posts and learn a few “Nicañol” phrases yourself, click here.


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