Counterpart Diaries

Dear Counterparts,

We are very thankful for each of you working with us. Your desire to improve your English and your classroom teaching is why we are here. Co-planning and co-teaching with you gives us a way to meet Peace Corps Goal 1: to help people of interested countries in meeting their need for trained men and women.

You all know that we write on a blog as a way to work towards Peace Corps Goal 3: to help promote a better understanding of other peoples (in our case, Nicaraguans) on the part of Americans. We write about our experiences, stories, successes, and challenges. We sometimes write about our work with you, too, as you are very important to us and the work we are doing here.

But we’re only half of the story.

Sometimes our words are inadequate and therefore, we invite you to tell us yourselves: Who are you? Why did you want to work with us? How has your professional life changed?

Tell us your half.

Mariela Sobalvarro JarquínMariela Sobalvarro Jarquín

Mother, daughter, aunt.  Lover of grammar and all things food.

Entry 1 – September 2015


Ana Cecilia Vásquez Rugama

Creative and passionate teacher. Striving to better myself, my classroom, and my country.

Entry 1 – October 2015


Rolando Peralta Rugama

Language nerd. Technology enthusiast.  Dicho fanatic.

Entry 1 – October 2015


Meysel Aracely Zamora

New mother. New teacher. Ready to learn and love both.

Entry 1 – April 2016

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