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There are a few ways to contact us.

#1.  If you know our personal emails, they still work wonderfully.

#2.  If you don’t know our emails and want to send a private message, enter your information and your message here:

#3.  Or write below in the comment section of this page to leave a public message.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


8 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Andrew what a pleasure it has been to have you here at Impact over the past few years. I have never joined in on blogging before but really wanted to follow your adventure. I wish you both a magical experience during your new journey in life.

    1. Awe, thank you Dianne! We are looking forward to hopefully keeping in touch with people from home through this blogging platform. It’s my first time blogging, too! We’re having a blast roadtripping across the U.S., and are currently in Kansas City, MO, visiting with friends before we spend the next week and a half as summer camp counselors.

  2. Thank you Andrew, for being patient, and laughing through the times that I could have been frustrated with Collective Force. Seeing your gentle enthusiasm is the hall or in passing was really great to have when I was intimidated or felt lost. Thank you and I hope you and you partner enjoy this new chapter in your lives, together with a smile and with joy.

    1. Thank you Julie! It was my pleasure to work with you during the CF times 😉 Your integrity and desire to do the best possible work (even data entry) was one of the reasons I loved working at INW. Wishing you the best over the next 2.5 years!

  3. Congratulation Andrew and Emily. We are so happy for you and proved of you, We miss you here in the North West, and are looking forward to have you back in two years. Greetings and Love from Grandmamma and Bestefar.

    1. We miss you all, and the NW, too! It will be such a pleasure to come back and delight in family time in the U.S. Sometimes two years seems like it will fly by, but other times it seems like quite a long while!

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