Peace Corps and the Cultural Blogging Community

One reason we currently write May We Suggest is to work towards the Peace Corps’ third goal: to help promote a better understanding of other peoples (in our case, Nicaraguans) on the part of Americans. We want to share our experiences and a bit of the Nicaraguan world with as many as possible state side and beyond.

And while we think our blog is pretty sweet, we are obviously not the holders of all knowledge.  There are un montón of other blogs out there that deserve to be read.

This post aims to share some of the networks of bloggers we’ve developed over our time in Peace Corps.  Whether you’re looking for country specific information, what to pack, cultural insights, travel tips and routes, general information on Peace Corps, or just good stories, we hope these lists are helpful, inspiring, and insightful.

Peace Corps Nicaragua


Our bread and butter.  Or maybe I should say gallo pinto y queso.  If you’re interested on learning more about Peace Corps Nicaragua, we highly suggest you check out VaPué – the online hub for anything and everything Peace Corps Nicaragua.  It’s a collective volunteer blog run by various current Peace Corps Nicaragua Volunteers with the aim of sharing our stories of service.

Additionally, VaPué has a running list of current and past Peace Corps Nicaragua Volunteer Blogs for you to peruse so that you can read more about individual experiences and stories.

Exceptional Peace Corps Blogs

blog it home

A few years ago, Peace Corps started an annual international blogging competition – Blog it Home.  With hundreds of applicants every year, it’s tough to make it to the top.  These blogs are a great place to start if you’re looking to learn about their specific countries, cultural exchange, or Peace Corps in general.

While you can find the winners listed on the Peace Corps Website, we also suggest that you take a look at the finalist lists on the Peace Corps Facebook albums from 2014, 2015, and 2016.

Blogging Abroad Community


Blogging Abroad is an online community of digital ambassadors who promote cultural exchange through a host of platforms like blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  It was started by an RPCV couple with the goal of helping those of us living abroad (Peace Corps, Fulbright, study abroad, digital nomads, etc.) focus more on cultural exchange instead of travel blogging.  Blogging Abroad has a running list of featured blogs from cultural bloggers around the world.  You can submit your blog to be featured, too.

We hope these resources can help you find what you’re looking for and encourage you to help spread the word about amazing blogs and communities like the ones we’ve mentioned here.  Best of luck in your search and enjoy the stories.


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