#Community – Photo Challenge

July’s Photo Challenge from Blogging Abroad is all about community. May these photos give you a glimpse into the amazing and varied communities with which we work and interact.

#CutulreShock VideoCrawled out of bed almost two hours after crawling in to record this gem at 10:45pm on a week night. It’s sure hard to sleep when a band plays for an hour right outside your open-air house, but it’s moments like this that remind me that it’s important to know how others live, what makes them tick, and what matters to their hearts. That’s ultimately why I’m a #peacecorpsvolunteer. When we don’t understand, may we respond with curiosity and questions instead of fear and frustration. May we listen, may we engage, may we learn. #peacecorpsnicaragua #peacecorps #cultureshock #community #bloggingabroad #BAphotochallenge #howiseepc

Blogging Abroad Photo Challenge:
#Community in Your Host Country

Blogging Abroad photo challenge

Digital ambassadors promoting cross-cultural exchange.



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