Guatemalan Dicho for Spoiling your Grandkids

Throughout my childhood, for many summers I tried (unsuccessfully) to communicate with my uncle Edgar’s parents.  Don Chepe and Doña Uba would come to the US for a few weeks at a time to be with their two sons (Edgar and Alfredo) and their families in the United States.  After 23 months in Nicaragua, it’s a dream to visit them in their home in Guatemala and to be able to fully connect.  Of course, I’m trying to learn as many Guatemalan dichos as possible.  Here is one I learned on the first night:

La abuela alcahueta – The push-over grandma

In addition to being heart-meltingly precious, Doña Uba also has a soft-spot for her grandkids.  So much so, that anything they ask her, she gives them.  Abuela, buy me a toy?  Abuela, give me a candy? Abuela, make a puzzle with me?  The abuela alcahueta is powerless, and adorable, in front of her nietos. 🙂


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