Camp CHACA 2016


This past week, we had the incredible experiences of being a part of Nicaragua’s 2nd Annual Camp CHACA.  I had the honor of co-directing and Andrew got to attend as well as a counselor for 52 young men to learn about gender equality, violence prevention, and leadership.  With a song titled Somos Uno” (We are One) as our anthem, workshops about sharing power in relationships, goal setting, HIV/Aids and pregnancy prevention, and condom negotiations, all combined with the magic power of camp songs, games and fun, this week was the week of a lifetime.

While I hope to write up my own account when I get a chance in the next few weeks, if you want more stories, pictures, videos, and lessons learned, head to the GAD Nicaragua blog.  We’ll be sharing more about Camp CHACA there in the upcoming weeks.

I can’t begin to describe how moving this experience was for both of us, the boys in attendance, and the rest of our staff.  As the boys grew throughout the week, we watched the transformation from CHavalos A CAballeros (boys to gentlemen).  We can’t wait to see where their journeys take them and know that they will be a part of making Nicaragua a more equitable place.


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