Meysel: Entry 1

This is a guest post by Meysel in our Counterpart Diaries Series:

April 25, 2016

I’m Meysel Aracely Zamora Chevez.

I’m 25 years old.  I have a beautiful baby boy.  I’m a teacher at Guillermo Cano High School.

My family is very nice.  My mother, Maria, is a house wife, and my father, Oscar, is a farmer.  I have three brothers.  Their names are Oscar, Yessiel, and Keneth.  Oscar is 21 years old and he’s a mechanic.  Yessiel and Keneth are twins and they are 15 years old. They are students.

I have been teaching English for two years in high school.  I learned English during the time I studied at University.  I like to teach other people and help my students.

My experience with a Peace Corps Volunteer is wonderful because I have learned new teaching strategies, I speak more English during class, and the students like my class. I think that it is important work, and with this volunteer we have obtained the best results with students.

One thing I want people to know about Nicaragua is the food is delicious and the people are very friendly.  Nicaragua has beautiful places where people can eat, swim, and share with family.  If you want to visit Nicaragua, you will have the best experience!

[To be continued…]


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