Gender Equality through Shared Words and Photos

I find this project so inspiring! Maybe I can carve out some extra time in the coming months and make something similar happen in my site.  Regardless, a huge shout out to Rachel for this project, as well as other Nicaragua PCVs who’ve used books to address gender issues in their sites!

GAD Nicaragua

Taboo topics such as sexual diversity, sexuality, gender inequality, HIV/AIDs, and domestic violence are rarely discussed in my community. There are not many forums where these topics can be explored by youth in an honest and open way. In collaboration with the Public Library, my site has initiated a “Gender Equality through Shared Words and Photos” project that will be a platform to enable youth to think critically, investigate other cultures and their own, reject gender norms that encourage violence, and become better informed citizens of Nicaragua.

Reading stories that foment discussions of leadership, gender inequality and violence, HIV/AIDs, and the importance of education will challenge youth in all areas of spiritual and intellectual growth and development. Some youth in Boaco, Nicaragua have never read a book before, let alone as a part of a group. With the motivation and support to read an entire book, youth will build positive…

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