Numbers and Indicators

VRF work

Working under the umbrella of the US government means we periodically fill out a report titled the Volunteer Report Form (VRF).  Our latest one was due on Tax Day and we were up late crunching the data.  On it we cite if we are meeting our specific First Goal indicators, thus showing improvement in areas such as English Teachers’ English Proficiency, English Teachers’ Methodology and Practices, and Students’ Participation in Extra Curricular Activities in English.

A few crazy numbers we also got to report were on this blog which works toward the Peace Corps’ Third Goal: sharing our host country and culture with friends and family back home.  From July 2015 through March 2016 (this last reporting period for TEFL volunteers here in Nicaragua), we increased to 633 followers, hosted 4006 visitors, and received 11,328 views (8,401 views in the US and 2927 views from other countries).  A huge shout out to all of you who are helping us rock that Third Goal!


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