Dicho for Cautioning Against Impetuous Conclusions

This past Thursday, Emily and I had the privilege of representing our TEFL program in our regional meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Education for the department of Estelí.  Basically, the superintendents all of the municipalities and their boss were there to listen to us talk about how cool we are. 🙂  If we’ve learned anything during our time in Nicaragua, it’s that in order to win over the hearts of minds of the people you can’t go wrong with dichos. We peppered our presentation with some good Nicañol, got tons of laughs, and after the presentations during lunch we were taught a new one:

Una sola golondrina no hace verano – One swallow does not make it summer.

Apparently we have this in English, and it’s originally attributed to Aristotle. Swallows, renowned for their trans-hemispheric migrations, are the original, literal “snow birds”. They’re always showing up places as summer is starting.  But before you rush off proclaiming the advent of summer at your first swallow sighting, you should probably wait until more birds arrive to be sure.  No one wants to be called Impetuous Isabelle (sorry, but I’m studying for the GRE right now and need to try and find any place I can to use the fancy new words I’m memorizing, even if it I come across as prolix, voluble, or pleonastic).


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