Happy Peace Corps Week 2016

55 years ago today, President John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order 10924 to establish the Peace Corps.  All week volunteers (returned and current), host countries, and the Peace Corps family are celebrating our commitment to world peace and friendship. We build bridges between cultures, provide countries with desired technical trainings, and have the privilege of being hosted and loved by the countries and people we serve.

Last year, in honor of Peace Corps Week, Andrew and I started our PCV Spotlight series – highlighting the service of PCVs around Nicaragua.  While we hope to still publish a couple more spotlights, this year, we wanted to try a little something different.

There was this terrific blog challenge back in January/February run by Blogging Abroad – a blogging community of “digital ambassadors” who promote cross-cultural exchange through their stories, videos, pictures, and posts.  We’re super excited to be a part of this community and were sad that we were too busy during January/February (but seriously: from Allen and Nilsen family visits, MST, ACCESS Camp and GLOW, an unexpected trip home, and starting the new school year…we never stopped) to participate in their challenge.

A Nicaraguan (and Nilsen) motto – más vale tarde que nunca (better late than never).

Stay tuned for some great posts as we aim to answer the prompts from Blogging Abroad.

Happy Peace Corps Week 2016!


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