Starting Strong with STEP and School


Andrew held down the fort in Nica to keep our work going while I took an unexpected and short trip back to the US.  When I landed back in Nicaragua, I hit the ground running: this 2nd week of February brought the start of a new school year!  It was wonderful to see teachers, students, and counterparts after our wonderful family visits (Em’s dad/step-mom & Andrew’s mom/dad), directing two summer camps (ACCESS and GLOW), Mid-service Training, and general break shenanigans.

In addition to the start of teaching English with our Counterparts in the public high schools, we are thrilled to say that we officially started the STEP program here in Estelí!  We have over 50 Nicaragua English teachers who are able to take advantage of the weekly intensive English classes that will be taught over a 2 1/2 year period by Peace Corps Volunteers from all over Nicaragua.  We’re excited to gain experience in administration through our roles as coordinators with the program and are dedicating almost every Saturday to STEP for the rest of our service.

Starting this year off strong with STEP and school? Check.  Feeling like successful volunteers?  Double check.


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