Dicho for Looking Busy…But Being Lazy

One of my favorite things about dichos is how strictly regional they can be.  I loved learning a few new ones during our vacation travels with parents.  Here’s my favorite:

Peinar la culebra – To comb the snake.

Obviously, combing a hairless creature is a pointless endeavor, but it’s better to be seen doing something than nothing!  Upon learning this dicho I was immediately transported back to high school drama productions, at the end of closing night: strike.  For you non-thespians, strike is the time after the last performance of a play where the set is taken down, props put away, and everything tidied up.  During strike my friend and partner-in-crime, Elan Gansberg, and I would dutifully walk briskly, with purpose, muttering to ourselves about how busy we were.  We made it our goal to appear to be the hardest workers…while getting the least done.  Little did I know it at the time, but we were engaged in a textbook example of snake combing.


Fear not!  All reptilian creatures are quite unkempt here in the Nilsen casa.


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