Loss is a Risk we Run

ball n for bill

While I was directing Camp GLOW the last week of January, a dear friend and mentor, Bill Morris, passed away.  I’ve been explaining it to my Nicaraguan friends as my Godfather passed, as that seems to culturally fit the connection I had with him – a father figure who had such an influence on me growing up, who always believed in me, who helped me become who I am today.  I’m heartbroken, but so thankful that we still had a week of “summer break” and I could make a quick trip home.  I was able to start the grieving process and be there for my “godmother/godsiblings” in their time of need and pain, as well as spend some additional time with my immediate family.  I’m from a town of less than 600 people, but there were over 3000 people at Bill’s funeral – just a small insight as to how impactful he was in the community.  We will all be grieving for quite some time.

Life is full of comings and goings and loss is a risk you run when you let yourself love.


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