Send Cristell to Camp GLOW

Cristell GLOW

Meet Cristell. Responsible, intelligent, and hard working, she is a shining example to those around her.  Cristell has been selected out of over 115 applicants as one of 60 girls to attend Nicaragua’s Camp GLOW this coming January.

At a time where many girls are starting to care less about their studies, Cristell wants to give her all. She wants to attend Camp GLOW to learn how to be a leader in her community. She knows her community needs compassionate leaders, but wants to learn how she can best be a part of the solution. You can help her gain life skills, learn about herself and leadership, and have the week of a lifetime at Camp GLOW.

If you or someone you know is interested in this opportunity to support gender equality and leadership in girls, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to make it possible. There are no administrative costs to this event as 100% of the funds go directly towards running the camp.  This year, all I want for Christmas is for Camp GLOW 2016 to be funded.  Tax-deductible donations can be made here:

You can make this opportunity a reality for Cristell and 60 girls like her!  Be a part of building a more gender equitable world.


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