All I want for Xmas is Camp GLOW

Tis the season of love and gratitude, of generosity and caring for your fellow human.  So this Christmas, what I’m asking for is your support in the chance of a lifetime for some incredible, deserving, creative, and passionate young girls like Cristell: Camp GLOW 2016!

As it explains on our grant page:

“In Nicaragua, certain cultural factors, such as machismo, prohibit women from taking advantage of education and employment opportunities in order to fill socially constructed gender roles in the home. Camp GLOW aspires to break these social frameworks by exposing young women to a wealth of opportunity and providing tools for creating change in their society.

At Camp GLOW, young women will attend engaging workshops on topics such as sexual reproductive health, gender equality, gender and global human rights, and strategies for future planning. The camp will promote leadership skills and encourage the girls to return to their communities to implement activities that stimulate gender equality amongst their peers.

Following the success of the last three year’s of Camp GLOW, Peace Corps Nicaragua aims to continue a sustainable and interactive model empowering the nation’s young women. Camp GLOW will bring together adolescent women and past participants from across the country, including the coast, to encourage them to work towards creating a society that reflects gender equality.”

Our Peace Corps Partnership Program Grant is now live and we have less than a month to raise our funds for camp at the end of January. The Partnership Program does not completely fund projects, but serves as a link to groups, foundations, service organizations, and individuals wanting to contribute to the valuable work Volunteers do with their host communities. In order to receive funding through the Partnership Program, a community must make a 25 percent contribution to the total project cost and outline success indicators for the individual projects. This helps ensure community ownership, a greater chance of long-term sustainability, and ultimately, success.

Our communities have contributed, our girls have been selected (there were over 100 applicants for around 60 spots!) and they are beyond excited to attend, to learn, and grow.

Now, we need your help to make it happen.

Click here to head to our donation page and be a part of the creation of Camp GLOW 2016.  Help make my Christmas merry and bright, knowing that my work here with Gender and Development will change the lives of over 50 girls like Cristell this coming January.

To learn more about past camps and other Gender and Development work in Nicaragua, check out our GAD Blog: posts written by GAD committee members and managed by yours truly.


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