Dicho Doce: International Edition

For our Dicho Doce (Sayings on the Twelfth) on the twelfth month of the year, I thought we’d try something a little crazy: reach out to PCVs all over the world and collect twelve expressions from PC posts in each region.

I’m pleased to say that, thanks to the wonders of the Internet, we collectively proved the Nica dicho “el que mucho abarca poco aprieta” wrong 🙂  We did it!

Without further ado, we give you Dicho Doce: International Edition!  Click on any picture to access the full description, then click Next Image/Previous Image to browse them all.  Enjoy learning how to win the hearts of locals all around the world.


Botswana – Motho ke motho ka batho
Botswana - Motho ke motho ka batho

PCV: Taylor Henderson
Blog: http://taylorhenderson.blogspot.com/

Cameroon – One hand no fit tie bundle
Cameroon - One hand no fit tie bundle

PCV: Colin Korst
Blog: https://colinkorst.wordpress.com/travelblog/

Kenya – Wingi wa siafu ndio nguvu yao
Kenya - Wingi wa siafu ndio nguvu yao

PCV: Annette Hynes
Blog: https://annettehynes.wordpress.com

Uganda – Kaboli katowa kakoa omutwe wako inali okwaliko
Uganda - Kaboli katowa kakoa omutwe wako inali okwaliko

PCV: Ray Cohen
Blog: https://whereugandaray.wordpress.com


Cambodia – ញ៉ាំបាយ ហើយនៅ? / Nyam Bai Haey Neu?

PCVs: Matt Bruneel and Leshia Hansen
Blog: https://dropbydropcambodia.wordpress.com

Thailand – กินข้าวแล้วหรือยัง? / Gin kaow leo ru yang?

PCV: Lydia Killian
Blog: https://lydiakilian.wordpress.com


Jamaica – Mi nuh bizness!

PCV: Dominque Gebru
Blog: https://twoyearsponderock.wordpress.com/

Central America and Mexico

Panama – El camarón que se duerme se lo lleva la corriente.

PCV: Kelley Robertson
Blog:  http://cartasdepanama.blogspot.com/

Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Moldova – Poftim. | Poftim? | Poftim!

PCV: Sara Hoy
Blog: https://sarajoyhoy.wordpress.com/

North Africa and the Middle East

Morocco – ويلي / Wili 

PCVs: Robert Hall and Julie Feng
Blog: https://robertandjulie.wordpress.com/

Pacific Islands

Philippines – Bahala na
Leave it to God

PCV: Lindsay Cope
Blog: http://sites.miis.edu/lindsayinthephilippines/

South America

Colombia – Cójela suave

RPCV: Sarah Hinton


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