Surprise! ¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

E's surprise bday party

Andrew told me that he checked with my counterparts and they were too swamped with work to attend/host a birthday party for me this past week.  (It is the end of the school year, after all, so I TOTALLY understood.)   Instead we planned to go out to dinner. Before dinner though, we had to stop and pick something up from Regina’s house. We walked through the door into the dark room and I was greeted to a giant “Surprise!” Our counterparts, some community friends, and a few of my favorite students had planned a party all along, complete with dancing, a “Frozen” piñata (Elsa, of course, because they all think I look like her), delicious food, and my 4th cake of the day!  Happy, happy day!  Joy and gratitude abound.


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