Dicho for Getting What You Want

This one goes out to my Pappa:

El que no llora, no mama – He that doesn’t cry, doesn’t breastfeed.

Throughout childhood there were many instances when unpleasant situations arose (usually in airports or restaurants) where Pappa Nilsen would come to the rescue.  Much to my chagrin when I was younger, and often to Mamma’s embarrassment, he would assertively inform the person in charge of the injustice at hand.  More often than not the situation would be resolved in our favor.

As I grew older I came to admire his squeaky wheel” technique.  Sadly, it’s a necessary skill here in Nicaragua, where customer service isn’t quite at the same level as it is in the States.  Fear not, padre!  Since your  Spanish isn’t there yet, I’ll watch out for us when you and Mamma come visit 🙂


3 thoughts on “Dicho for Getting What You Want”

  1. Don’t worry your padre is always behaving appropriate. I know because I am his padre, and I thought him how to behave.

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