Nica 66!


I (Andrew) have had the privilege of being a volunteer greeter at the orientation for the brand new Nicaragua Peace Corps group. Guys, the new group of Peace Corps trainees has been in country for three days, and here is their first ever attempt at the Nica face (the no-smile look that most Nicaraguans over 50 use for photos). 100% success! They are naturals! I believe this is a great reflection of their natural skills and abilities that they’ll demonstrate through training and beyond. I’ve got high hopes, expectations, and praise for you all! You’re going to be great 🙂


5 thoughts on “Nica 66!”

      1. It is true. I was in San Juan de Limay. Once you’ve returned life starts back up in this rat race. You get so caught up in this crap. Man it had been so long since I’ve stopped and reflected about friends and experiences down there. Make the most of it. It will change you. I’m sure it already has.

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