THE Nica Dicho

Well technically, this is a jerga, or slang term, but it’s a winner!  This morning I will have the privilege to greet the new group for Nicaraguan trainees as they land in Managua.  I was selected by our TEFL staff to serve as a greeter for the 4-day orientation for the Nica 66 group.  Of course, during the orientation I will be extolling the virtues of Nicaraguan dichos and their integration power.  If I can get them to leave feeling comfortable with one dicho, it’d be this one:


No direct translation can completely encompass all that is tuani.  Awesome. Incredible. Super.  Outstanding. Cool.  Put them all together and you get tuani.  With this one small word the new trainees will be well on their way to winning over their Nicaraguan host families and friends.

Next time you are in Nicaragua and are asked “¿Cómo está?”  make sure to reply, “Todo tuani.”


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