Intentions for Year Dos

In May 2014, we used the ideas of May Day to start a new tradition in our family: setting intentions for the following year together. Just as May Day has been a celebration of spring and new life growing, we wanted to plant the seeds of our intentions with the hope that they would grow over the year to come. And grow they did!

In May 2015, we began reflecting on those intentions, taking a deeper look at our journey into the Peace Corps, Pre-Service Training, our first few months at site and into our first year. While it took a bit longer than we anticipated to reflect on those first five intentions, we still want to keep this tradition going and set some new ones.   It may not be May, but today is still a big day in our Peace Corps Journey.

A year ago today, we were flying Washington DC, scared, excited, nervous, and completely unsure of what our Peace Corps journey would bring. Now we’re settled into our site, working hard, and trying to live up every moment. Our service seems to be flying by! With all of these things and more in mind, we want to set our intentions for our next year:

May we seek to empower others so that our service means more than 27 months.

May we continue to set healthy expectations for ourselves.

May we embrace the present as our time here is limited.

May we be as intentional in our relationships as we are in our to do lists.

May we realize that our Peace Corps Experience is what we make of it.

Check back in another 365 days to see how we did.


3 thoughts on “Intentions for Year Dos

    1. I think it’s going OK thus far. We’ve got some big projects we’re trying to get started up, so our to-do listing is going at full speed. The good thing is though that we’ve got a lot of the extra start-up work out of the way and we’re hoping we can slow down and spend some more time with people this next month. Like you!! 🙂

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