Team Nicaragua: Hair Shaving and Donating

This December, Andrew and I will have a lot less hair on our heads.

I’ve donated my hair twice before.  I tend to like long hair, and used to be rather attached to it.  My junior year of college, I decided I wanted to know I could feel pretty without my hair.  I cut it all off and loved it!  This time though, it’s a little different.

We’re joining a few other Peace Corps Nicaragua volunteers in shaving and/or donating our hair.  We are working with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation to raise money to further the search for cures for childhood cancer, as well as to raise awareness of cancer in our Peace Corps sites.

Corey, Andrew, and Thomas will be shaving their heads.  Myself, another Emily, Michaela, Hana, Traci, and Davita will be helping out with hair donations. (Way to go TEFL 64!)  We will also be joined by Nicaraguans including Alexis Gomez, and a group of students from Hope Bilingual Academy.

Andrew, Corey, and Tomas
Andrew, Corey, and Tomas
Emily P, Emily N, Traci, Hana, and Davita
Emily P, Emily N, Traci, Hana, and Davita

The project started as a way to challenge cultural norms and a tribute to her father:

“I hope that by shaving my head in the Peace Corps, I can show Nicaraguan citizens and US citizens (and everyone around the world!) that we are not defined by our hair or our outer appearances. We are all beautiful, hair or not. My father died from lymphoma on December 2, 2005. By shaving my head on December 2, 2015, exactly 10 years after my family lost him, I hope we can celebrate not only his life, but other amazing people who have been affected by this disease.” – Corey, Peace Corps Nicaragua Volunteer

Andrew and I are excited to not only support this project, but to support our friend and colleague, Corey.  You can help, too!  Team Nicaragua has a goal of reaching $5,000 before our shave/donate date.  

Visit Team Nicaragua’s donation page to help out.  Together, we can work towards a cure.

Team Nicaragua - St. Baldricks


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