Dicho for Going Back to the Daily Grind

After a week with family on the beach, followed by a week of Peace Corps TEFL training at the beautiful Apoyo Resort and Spa, this dicho is quite apropos:

Después de un gustazo, un trancazo – After having a blast, you get hit with a huge wooden beam.

OK, I admit I had to do some research on this one!  Thankfully my wife is awesome and gifted me Nicaraguan Spanish: Speak like a native! for my birthday.  The author, Lee Jamison, provides a great explanation for this one:

As a protection against thieves, some homes have a tranca, or large wooden beam, which sits on wooden hooks just inside the closed interior doors, like a giant latch.  The action of hitting someone with one of those huge wooden beams is called a trancazo.  Sometimes after enjoying ourselves, perhaps after being on vacation, we must go back to the grind, or even be the victim of some tragedy.

Thankfully, I have yet to receive a physical trancazo, and finally being back home in the beautiful Estelí climate makes this metaphorical trancazo not so bad, either 🙂


One thought on “Dicho for Going Back to the Daily Grind”

  1. Bahahaha without the context this dicho is hilarious. My vacation has just begun and the only thing that I’m looking forward to with it ending is being able to post this on my Facebook. :).¡ Hasta pronto hermanos!

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