Scrabble – en español


Games and fun are universal.  Andrew’s proud to say he’s currently undefeated in Spanish Scrabble (1-0).  Yay for a host mom who loves words, language, and fun and will play games like this with us.


4 thoughts on “Scrabble – en español

    1. Thanks! I’m actually pretty impressed, too! I definitely had to ask for some help with some vocab, but I helped her with some Scrabble strategy (some), so I’d call it even 🙂

      It was a super close game though, and it came down to the last tile. I saw a place on the board where she could have scored a bunch of points and beat me, but I chose to remain silent for that last play!

    1. Thanks Bestefar! Your comment actually inspired me to start practice Norwegian on Duolingo 🙂 I hope I don’t get too mixed up between languages. So far I’ve learned to say “Kvinner og menn er ikke barn.”

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