Dicho for Peer Influence

Time for the third animal inspired dicho doce in a row! April was cats, May was shrimp, and June…wolves 🙂

El que con lobos anda, aullar aprende – He that runs with wolves learns to howl.

My favorite thing about this dicho (obviously) is that I learn the verb for howl – aullar!   I love it! Much more onomatopoetic (ah-oo-yar) than howl. I also thinks it’s totally true, and something that we see in evidence of daily in the high schools. The influence of those around us makes a huge difference. Studies show that even the actions of your friends, friend, friend has an effect your behavior.

Today, on our 4th wedding anniversary, I’m grateful for the influence that Emily has had, and continues to have on my life.  She has been an ever present source of encouragement and support as I’ve been starting my journey as a teacher here in Nicaragua.  Her work ethic, creativity, and organizational skills are wonders to behold  🙂

May our wolf pack continue to grow stronger in the years to come!


2 thoughts on “Dicho for Peer Influence”

  1. I absolutely love your Dicho’s Andrew. Nice vocab use as well! Do you see any wildlife in and around Esteli? Not many howling wolves here but I do occasionally see barking coyotes on my night walks. I fully support a growing wolf pack and am working on my “silver back”.

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