Social Media Connections

We are so incredibly thankful for this blog and the link it provides between us and so many loved ones back home.  As our community of readers grows in the blogosphere, we’ve decided to try to use a few other techie ways of connecting. Recently, we’ve expanded our social media-ness and web presence in a few ways:

1) Nilsen Classroom Facebook Page: As some of my former students are finding our May We Suggest Blog, I thought this might be a good time to share this link.  It is for any and all who have ever been a part of my classroom – students, parents, colleagues, mentors, friends.  It allows students (current and past) to send me messages, ask for advice, and keep tabs on what’s up in my classroom, wherever in the world my classroom may be.  If you fit any of the criteria above, give it a like!

(P.S. – Nilsen Classroom has been on Twitter for a while, but I’m still trying to figure out exactly where I fit in the Twitterverse.  @nilsenclassroom in case your interested.)

2) May We Suggest Facebook Page: As a companion to our blog, we’ve started a Facebook page as well for our readers and community here at May We Suggest.  Click on the link above, or just click “like” on the Facebook box in the left sidebar of our blog.  This is a great page to like if you don’t want to sign up and receive email notifications of every post, but often forget to check the blog.  Seeing a post pop up on your Facebook feed is an easy way to stay in touch.

3) Professional Portfolio: When I was sick in bed a few weeks ago, I passed the time by updating my online professional portfolio.  While it’s not super needed for another year or so, a huge part of getting a job (or grad school admittance) is networking.  This portfolio gives me the ability to share my work with professionals even if they are countries away.  Feel free to share it to anyone who might be interested.

It’s amazing to think that we started sharing in this space well over a year ago.  Thank you for reading, liking, commenting, and sharing our adventures right along with us.


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