May We Reflect

May We Reflect

On May 1st last year, we gave May Day a new twist.  In celebration of the ideas of spring and new growth, we set 5 goals to guide our way on and into our Peace Corps service. In place of a Brené Brown guidepost for this month, we are taking some time to reflect on these five intentions and how they played out in our lives this last year:

+ May we strive to be present in the midst of transitions.
+ May we set healthy expectations for ourselves.
+ May we not get bored of rice and beans for every single meal.
+ May our hearts remain open and our minds curious, even in the midst of confusion and struggle.
+ May we be receptive to new knowledge and understandings of how life can be lived.

We invite you to join the conversation:
+ What intentions do you have (or want to set) for yourself?


10 thoughts on “May We Reflect”

  1. May I suggest…that you have done very well with your May day intentions from last year. Enjoy thinking about them this month and let me know if I’m right!

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