Dichos for Timeliness

Sometimes Internet access isn’t the most reliable (see serving under conditions of hardship in Core Expectation Three) 😉 ), so here is your slightly belated dicho doce.

El que madruga come pechuga – He who rises early eats chicken breast.

El que tarda come albarda – He who is late eats saddle.

The Nicaragua equivalent of “the early bird catches the worm,” accompanied an extra admonition for those late comers!  Nicaraguans, in general, eat less meat than their American neighbors to the north, mostly due to economic reasons (compared to rice and beans meat is quite expensive).  While chicken is the cheapest and most commonly eaten meat, chicken breast is the most expensive cut that exists, and is therefore somewhat a rarity on the Nica plate.  Plus, it’s delicious!

I think not wanting to eat a leather saddle is pretty self-explanatory 🙂


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