Dicho for Timidity

This is the newest dicho I’ve learned, and I love it!

El que se quema con la leche, hasta la cuajada sopla – He who gets burned by milk will even blow on cheese curds.

This is basically a dicho to describe being “gun-shy”.  Cuajada is always served cold, so the image of someone being so afraid of dairy that they blow on the cold cheese curd produces quite the funny mental image!


5 thoughts on “Dicho for Timidity”

  1. As far as I know it’s supposed to be “El que se quemó con leche, hasta las cuajadas sopla” and it’s used to imply someone is being cautious, once you’ve burned yourself with hot milk you’d be careful even around the less harmful dairy products.
    I actually use it every now and then.

    1. Hi Xochitl! Yeah, I’ve heard “se quemó” as well. I think that totally works, just with a slightly different meaning. ‘He that was burned by milk’ (talking about an example of a person being burned) vs ‘he that is burned by milk’ (a more rhetorical statement)

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