Dichos for Greeting

Although we’ve shared these dichos on other blog posts, I want to share them again to honor Douglas “Camilo” Elizondo.  Don Douglas passed away from a heart attack on January 2nd, and thus left a gaping hole in the heart of Peace Corps Nicaragua.  He had been with the organization for over 20 years, and while his title was Logistics and Family Coordinator for training, his kind and gentle spirit permeated throughout the entire post.  I don’t think anyone else called him “Camilo” other than me, but I did so because he was one of the first persons to teach me dichos here in Nicaragua, and these were his favorites.

Tranquilo como CamiloCalm like Camilo.  This is a great response to “¿Cómo estas?” and is probably most closely related to the English “chillin’ like a villain”.  And if that person then asks you how you feel, the perfect response is:

Legal como PascualLegal (or trustworthy/honest) like Pascual.

Descanse en paz, Don Douglas.

Don Douglas
Don Douglas

2 thoughts on “Dichos for Greeting”

  1. We are all sorry for your and the Peace Corps loss. Don Douglas will long be remembered by the people he served and loved.

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