Burn the Old Year

Mr. Muñuco

Meet Mr. Muñeco.  He and all of the other scarecrow-like guys around town the 30th and 31st of December sure met an interesting end.  In Nicaragua, it’s tradition to build/buy/dress one of these viejos with various vices and stuff them with polvera, and then burn them at midnight.  The idea is to “burn the old year” and welcome in the new.

Wish I would have translated polvera correctly in my head.  I thought it was sawdust, or wood chips, to help them burn, ya know?  I sure had a surprised 5 seconds or so when they all started exploding after the countdown to midnight!!  Polvera is actually gunpowder (or fireworks).  Oh Nicaragua, you are full of surprises!


2 thoughts on “Burn the Old Year”

  1. Bestemamma and I had a a similar experience in Guatemala a number of years ago. But there the they didn’t burn an object but had too many firecrackers for my liking.

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